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Pneumatic Actuator

Rack and Pinion Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator


Power: Pneumatic

Adjusted Form: Switching Type

Working Type: Rotary

Pressure: Medium Pressure

Work Temperature: Normal Temperature

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AT series pneumatic actuator 


Size: 32mm to 270mm

Body: Anodised Aluminium or Stainless steel 

Actuation: Double Acting or Spring Return Pneumatic

Air Supply: 2.5-8.0bar

Diameter: 50-330mm

Rotary Angle: 90°±5°

Operating Temp.:  

ST: NBR O-ring-20ºC -- 80ºC
HT: FPM O-ring-15ºC --150ºC
LT: Silicon O-ring-40ºC -- 80ºC

Model:Double Acting DR type,single acting SC type


Structure:Double Piston Rack & Pinion


Cylinder Material:Aluminum alloy(Surficial positive pole oxidized)

Cover Material:Pressure casting aluminum alloy(coated)

Sealing Material:nitrile rubber,silicon rubber(low temperature),Fluorine rubber(High temperature),customized

Largest pneumatic pressure:10bar

Operating Method:Double acting,Single acting(Spring Return)

Controlling Method:2 way cut off (on close),regulating

Accessory:Solenoid Valve,Positioner,Limit Switch,air resource treatment triple union fittings,manual operator,other

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1: Are you a factory or a trading company?

   We are a facory

2: Which country do you export to?

   We can export to any country according to buyer's need

3: Do you accept the customized order?


4: What advantages do you have?

   Our factory starts from 1989. We are the first pneumatic factory of wenzhou(the valve city of China).

   We can promise the good quality of actuator and give you the reasonable factory price.

5: Will you responsible for the installation of valve and actuator?

   YES! If you give us a decent order, it will be free.

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